The Studio


If you have great ideas and just need help to record, then The Garage is the place for you! Located in the quiet town of Buntingford, Hertfordshire The Garage is a great place to immerse yourself in the recording experience and be really creative.

We cater for projects of all sizes whether you want to track drums, record vocals or create a full production from the ground up, we have all the skills. The room is a great space to record and has been acoustically treated; it has a lovely natural sound.

If you want talk more about you specific requirements then get in contact.


Vocals - With years of recording experience we've tracked many different singers so we know how to get the best performance and sound for each particular voice.  With a relaxed and creative environment it'll be a breeze to deliver that killer vocal.

Drums - A record is only as good as the drum sound so to help deliver we have a fantastic Pearl Masters kit and an array of classic snare drums including the famous Ludwig Black Beauty and Ludwig 400, couple that with the right mics, preamps, some expertise and you'll be delighted with the results.

Guitars - We have an incredible collection of guitars featuring vintage Fender Stats, Gibsons and handmade Rees electric guitars along with some of the best pedals and boutique amps around you will have a huge selection of sounds within arms reach.

Keys - We're lucky to have a lovely Reid Sohn upright piano which records fantasically as well as a Roland Juno 106 and Hammond L-100 they all add so much character, which in a world full of samples makes all the difference.

Samples - We have a huge collection of samples and software instruments including great drum machines, vintage synths and orchestral instruments such as Strings and Brass. If you can imangine it we can find it.


  • Apple Mac Pro
  • Pro Tools 12 & Logic Software
  • Prism Sound & Apogee Coverters
  • Focal Solo monitors
  • Avantone Mixcube
  • Variety of preamps including A Designs, SSL, Focusrite
  • Classic microphones Neumann, Sennheisser, AKG, Shure, SE Electronics & Electrovoice
  • Huge collection of instruments; Guitars, Drums, Amps, Pedals, Synths & Samples



Each project has very different needs so please get in touch and we can come up with a price based on your requirements but to give you a rough idea the average daily rate is £200 or approximately £25/ hour. T's & C's

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